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I'm a writer,

a brand-storyteller, and an imperfect creative  

01_don't fence me in

02_stories matter

Things I believe

Stories are really important.


Stories are how human beings better understand all the complicated stuff that goes on in the world, and in our heads and hearts.


Stories are the way we connect with each other and reveal our truest selves. They can shift us from whatever to empathy better than any other tool we've ever made.


It's through stories that we inspire and encourage and challenge and grow.


How we tell our own stories shapes and defines us. And the best stories well told can change the world.

We are all born creative, yet many people have lost touch with that part of themselves that allows them to play and feel and express themselves. I want to help people recover their creativity and have a richer life.

Being brave is hard, but it's a whole lot better than letting your fears run the show. You don't grow by playing it safe and doing what's expected. Your life expands when you dare to venture past your comfort zone.


It took me a long time to learn this. In a way, this is my biggest thing. Pluck and spunk.

03_field work


Brand-storytelling for brave small businesses

Through Brandcamp, 

I work with brave small businesses to develop content that tells their brand stories - on their websites, social media posts, mailouts and wotnot. 


Basically, I help small businesses to be the best they can be and to market themselves with integrity and appeal. 




It's my mission to help my clients tell stories that make people feel excited and connected. Stories that create warm and engaged tribes. 

My skill is in finding and telling my clients’ stories with nuance, flair, honesty and charm.



Some of my clients include

artist, Julie Paterson, 

LookDrawPrint workshops,

natural wine label, Frankly, this wine was made by Bob,

1803 Australian Deer, and

Music Hunter, as well as my own business,

Rough Track Cabins. 


Projects I'm doing 

Ta Muchly is a DIY fesitval that pinches the best things about the USA's thanksgiving holiday, and aims to leave out the post-colonial awkwardness.

The notion of gathering together to celebrate what we are grateful for is a beautiful thing, I reckon.

The marvellous Maggie Davis of Breaking Bread fame produced and directed Eating Pomegranates in 2019 - a theatrical exploration that takes you to Hades, the cancer ward, a rowdy girls' night out and the dreamscapes of Frida Kahlo. I wrote a slab of it, and it was performed at Wentworth Falls School of Arts March 28-31. 

Imaginary Albums is a whimsical creative project that teamed writers and graphic artists in the the Blue Mountains. Together we created ten LP albums that don't exist but really should. Original imagined sleeve notes and cover art were shown at Platform in Katoomba the Blue Mountains in March 2018 and again at the first ever show at Rough Track Workshop in November 2018. I hope to crack on with a fresh batch in 2021.  

Inspired by The School of Life, DIY Festival is a project that seeks to nurture creativity and community through staging small intimate backyard festivals. At a DIY Festival everyone makes a contribution in an atmosphere that's generous and supportive. The first ever one was held in our yard in Blackheath, and it was great. More to come. 

small stories

I write stories that are very short indeed on my flash fiction blog called Small Stories. Think of them as character sketches, brief moments of illumination, like literary instagrams. It was a thrill and a privilege to be a part of the Whispering Trees project at Varuna The Writers House and Sydney Writers Festival 2015.  

Splayd and Crayon is a not-at-all nobby food blog. My partner, artist Julie Paterson, illustrates my foodie ramblings, which range from what we make for the dog to what's on the menu at NOMA. 

I like cooking. She likes drawing. We both like eating. That's how it works. 

Blackheath Howlers is a group of moon lovers who gather for a (mostly) quiet drink at Govett's Leap to watch the full moon rise over the Grose Valley.

We've been quaffing at the Leap on the full moon since 2014.


Everyone is welcome. 

What else?


I moved up to the Blue Mountains almost 10 years ago, wanting to live more deliberately. I am still mad keen on Thoreau. My brand-storytelling business is called Brandcamp and I run it from a converted Franklin Hunter caravan called Virginia. 


In 2017 my partner Julie and I bought 29 acres on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park in Blackheath. We've got two lovely holiday cabins which we let out to people who fancy a proper mountains walk or a creative retreat. 


I write for TEDxSydney, which is led by the inspiring Remo Giuffré. TED talks are some of the most useful and beautiful and challenging resources we have, and by writing for TEDxSydney I hope these talks reach ever wider audiences. 


04_Good dog, Harry


I acknowledge the Gundungurra and the Darug people, the Traditional Owners of the land where I live and work.

I recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community.

I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

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